Second Chance Pre-Loved Fashion Sale 2019

Now planning our fifteenth year of fundraising for New Horizons for Women Trust, supporting women taking second chance education opportunities

Here's the kind of clothes* and accessories  we would love you to donate

 “Declutter” is the new “tidying up” and if you’ve been watching Netflix or Youtube you will have seen or heard of Marie Kondo, and her KonMari Method, the tidying method she created out of her passion for organising. 

The sale has a reputation for good quality at great prices. 

Because of our smaller work and storage space we really need you to think carefully about what you donate. While we appreciate that your time is valuable we would love it if you could help us by making some decisions for us and sorting your donations before you send them to us.

We’re looking for labels that you’d find in the top high street stores, designer stores and clothes boutiques. Clothes with a bit of difference, elegance and chic. We know we can sell Annah S, Carolyn Sills, Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper, Oliver Black, TopShop, Whistle, Verge, and similar labels. Sorry but we can’t sell labels from The Warehouse, Ballentynes, Supre, Millers. If you’re doubtful, we suggest you separate it out from what you donate to the Preloved Fahsion Sale and send it to another charity shop that will be very grateful for it.

Remember our customers want to buy clothes at our sale that will spark joy for them too. They will only buy the best of your cast-offs so if they are designer or High Street labels, in good condition with no missing buttons, or broken zips, etc, send them to our drop-off points any time from now till late March. 


We're looking for:

  • Dresses

  • Trousers and jeans

  • Skirts

  • Tops and shirts

  • Jackets and coats

  • Party, evening, special occasion and ball wear

  • Wedding - Your gorgeous dress could make someone else's dream come true!

  • Retro and Vintage - Yes, someone may well love that dress that you abandoned years ago!

  • Voluptuous - Size 18 and larger

  • Petite - Size 8 and smaller

  • Teen

  • Sports and exercise wear - This was a popular category last year so more please!

  • Maternity - This was a popular category last year so more please!


  • Footwear - Only new or hardly worn please

  • Accessories - hats, gloves, belts, scarves and sunglasses

  • Jewellery  

  • Make up and beauty products - Only new items - give us those purchases and gifts that didn't work for you.


* We do not sell men's wear or children's clothes