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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do all the clothes and accessories come from?

Ever since the sale started, we have built up a large network of women in the Wellington region who regularly donate clothes and accessories.  Many of these women have careers that would not have been possible without their having had further education opportunties.  They want to help other women achieve their potential, despite the social and financial obstacles they may have to deal with.

New people are joining the list all the time.  If you would like to join our e-mailing list, contact us

What kind of clothes do you want?

We welcome donations of good quality pre-loved clothes of all styles, in all sizes,  so long as they are in good condition, clean and do not requiring mending as the sale has a reputation for selling good quality items and we want to build on that reputation.

We are particularly keen to get high quality, high street and designer items, but any good quality clothes or accessories are most welcome.

We are also very happy to accept donations of new, unused clothing.  A number of Wellington fashion stores donate new items.

For more information about what we are looking for, go to the Donate page.

Is it ok for me to give you everything, including things I think you’ll probably throw out?

We would much prefer that you sorted your pre-loved clothes and accessories and donate only those things that are likely to make it into the sale.  Every year we do find unwanted items (not necessarily clothing or accessories) in the donations bags/boxes and it does take time to sort through these.  It would really assist us if this did not happen and for information on what we are looking for, go to the Donate page.

Where does all the money go?

Almost all the money we raise at the sale is donated to the New Horizons for Women Trust to support second chance education awards. A very small amount of money is retained for the hire and purchase of essential items (clothes racks) for the sale,  and sale publicity.  For more about our Group and what we do, go to About Us.

Do all the items women donate go into the sale?

We sort donated items and remove those items that we don’t think will sell well in our sale.  Rejected items are either donated to other good causes, such as the Salvation Army, Hospice or Saint Vincent de Paul or in some cases put into recycled clothing bins.    For more about the quality of donations we are looking for go to the Donate page.

Where do I take the things I want to donate?

We have a number of drop off points around the region.  Go to the Drop Off Points page for details.

Some workplaces arrange their own collection points.

Will you come and collect from me?

As there is a huge amount of work for the team to do in a very short time, we use drop off points around the region where people can take their donations.  We then do a pick up run once a week.  However, if you have a huge pile of things to donate or there is a good reason why you can’t get to a drop off point, do contact us and we will arrange to pick up from you.

What happens to items that are left over after the sale?

After the sale, we keep any really good items that have not sold, for next year’s sale.  But most left over items are donated to other charitable causes.

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