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The sale organising team needs your help.
Volunteer your time, experience and skills

We are always looking for volunteers for the following:

Organising Social Media – to get the sale out there and up there on FaceBook and Twitter and by text

  • Organising Student Publicity – to make sure our posters are everywhere across all the campuses in the Wellington Region before sale day and to get the sale publicised via student radio and other media
  • Organising PR/Communications – to get coverage in the print media and on local radio to attract donations and to promote the sale
  • Postering your local area – we supply the posters, you put them up everywhere potential buyers will see them.

If you’re the person with the smarts to do some of these tasks we’d love to hear from you NOW! Click here to contact us.

Volunteer on sale day

We always need extra pairs of hands and people with pizazz to make sure everything runs smoothly and we sell as much as possible on the day. It is so much fun and everyone involved is rewarded by a huge sense of satisfaction. It’s all over by mid afternoon. If you would like to help us on sale day, contact us NOW!

It can be a family affair like Toni, Robyn and Judy

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