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We could not do it without you, our Supporters

A number of organisations and businesses support our work.

Special thanks to the team at Coolmoves who did such a wonderful job and generously moved all our stock, racks and equipment from our stock room to the sale venue on the big day! and has again generously offered his company’s support again!  Find out more …..

Special thanks also to the David, Oliver and the team at Audience Design (now MIXT) for creating our posters, social media branding and web site.

Thank you to ……

Also to the following groups and businesses for their support:

You all contribute to the success of the sale and the members of  the Organising Team are very appreciative of all your efforts – thank you!  Most importantly, the women who are recipients of the education awards appreciate your help!

If your organisation or business would like to offer support in kind or in financial sponsorship, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us NOW!


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